Moving Tips And The Best Renting Vehicles

Moving Tips And The Best Renting Vehicles

Preparing to move? Well, there are a lot of things to be considered beforehand, especially if you are thinking of having a DIY move. If so, you should create a checklist and make sure everything is checked before the big day.

If you want to move yourself, you should stay organized and start planning on time. Packing does not happen as fast as many of us imagine it will, and thus starting a week before is not too early, and you can start even before that, depending on how much you need to pack.

Choose a vehicle that would work the best

A running list

There are some moving-related jobs that can start piling up just when your truck or van is on the way, and thus it is a good thing to have a running list that will help you remember all the essentials. From taking the trash out, to clearing the gunk out of the shower, emptying the fridge and the freezer, and so on.

Have some cash

It is also important that you have some cash on you, for when the movers arrive so you can tip them. Of course, this applies in the situation where the movers are actually helping you move out, and in case you are doing everything yourself, this is not a necessary step.

Pack the essentials separately

When packing, you should have a separate box or a bag of essentials. The things that you need every day, and the things that you might need during the moving day. This way you will not have the rummage through all the boxes to find that something you are looking for.

Pack by room and label!

When you start packing, consider packing by the room, as that way it will be much easier when you start unpacking. While you are at it, make sure that you are also labeling all your boxes, because otherwise, it will be a whole mess once you start unpacking, as you will not know what goes where.

Choose the right vehicle!

You cannot move out by your car, but there are a couple of vehicles you can choose from in case you really want to do a whole DIY move. Once you find a company with a good reputation, make sure to check out their available vehicles.


Know the usual tips of moving alone

In case you just need to move a couple of items, you can actually consider the expert rent a Ute from Gecko team. However, if you are having a proper move and you have a lot of items, you should think about renting a van or a truck instead.

Final word

There are many available articles online that could help you decide which is the best option for you, and whether you actually want to have a DIY move. If you do decide to have one, you should also think about inviting your friends and family to help you out.


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