The ASP27 concession is specialized in the sale of cars without a license in the department of Euro (27).

Do you want to buy a car without a license in Epigones (27)?

The garage ASP27 offers you a wide choice of cars without license new Axiom and of occasion all brands.

Cars without license Axiom Sensation in the Euro:

Discover the latest range of Axiom Sensation license-free cars directly in our franchise at Epigones and also the Minute and Axiom Pro models. Experience the no-license with the three City, Coupé and Cross line Designs!

Are you looking for a used car without a license in Euro à Epigones?

ASP27 offers you to discover a selection of cars without a license of any kind: Axiom, Axiom Pro & Mega, Catalina, Logier, Greco, Belier, Microcap, Due, JDM, Chastened, etc.

Want to rent a car without a license in Epigones and its surroundings?

ASP27 offers to rent the car without a license Axiom of your choice for a short or long duration, adapted to your needs and your budget about indoor car cover.

You want to have your car repaired without a license in the Euro?

Our team of unlicensed specialists welcomes you for the maintenance of your car without any license.

Looking for spare parts for your car without Axiom license?

The garage ASP27 offers a catalog of spare parts for your car without a license.

Welcome to the website of Burners Auto your used car center in St-Nicolas, 5 minutes from the bridges of Quebec! Burners Auto is a family business founded in 1990 by the Polio Family. The loyalty of our customers is without a doubt our primary motivation. This loyalty has favored the expansion of the company and now allows us to offer a wide selection of quality used cars available for different budgets. At Burners Auto, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our range of products, the quality of our services to facilitate your choice. For example, all our used cars and used trucks for sale are subject to a rigorous certification process, and we offer complete solutions for auto financing and second chance credit.

Over the years, the addition of a mechanical workshop and an esthetics workshop gave our customers the benefit of a complete and fast service to prepare your new vehicle. We strive to surround ourselves with competent and honest people who continue to serve customers with the same ardor as its founder. Always doing better is our philosophy of continuous improvement. We intend to continue our efforts to continue to maintain a strong reputation in the field of used vehicles for our customers in St-Nicolas, Levis, and the greater province of Quebec.

Questions about the Electric Car

How far can I travel with an electric vehicle?

You can drive between 100 and 160 kilometers before recharging the battery. Obviously, the distance traveled will depend on driving style and weather conditions.

Are electric cars much more expensive?

Yes and no. When purchased, they can seem expensive. In addition, various government agencies in Canada and the United States offer generous purchase allowances and other discounts to electric car buyers. You should consult the relevant government agencies and inquire with dealers about these rebates.

How to recharge the batteries?

Manufacturers of electric cars offer various ways to recharge the batteries. Often your dealer will see to the installation of a charging station at your home. It is also possible to plug the majority of electric cars into a conventional outlet. You can also buy a portable terminal at your dealer so you can recharge the battery on the road. Finally we can expect the network of charging stations to become more and more important. In fact, Hydro-Québec and its partners recently announced the installation of an electric circuit comprising several public charging points for electric cars in Quebec. Already, St-Hubert Rotisseries, Rona, Metro grocery stores, The Montreal Metropolitan Transportation Agency (ATM) Fairmont Hotels and many others are part of this network. 240 volt and 400 volt charging stations are or will be installed in the parking lots of these institutions. It will cost around $ 2.50 per recharge. Your dealer should be able to give you the relevant information about charging the batteries.

Are electric vehicles as good as a gasoline vehicle?

This may surprise the reader, but many electric vehicles are actually more efficient than ordinary vehicles of the same category. For example, the all-electric Nissan Leaf accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.2 seconds, which is faster than comparable gasoline vehicles. The best advice is to test an electric vehicle and see for yourself whether it fits your needs.

Electricity is not free; will I really save money with an electric vehicle?

It is certain that your electricity account will increase. Studies have shown that it will cost you about $ 2.75 per 160 kilometers. This is very beneficial considering that it costs about $ 15.60 for the same distance, taking as an example an average car that requires 6.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Are electric vehicles safe?

Electric vehicles must meet the same safety standards as gasoline vehicles.

Is the driving impression of an electric vehicle different from that of an ordinary vehicle?

What the driver notices when driving an electric vehicle for the first time, is the rolling silence. Compared to an ordinary vehicle that uses a combustion engine, an electric vehicle emits very little noise. Another difference is that during braking, some of the energy is converted into electricity to recharge the battery. Several drivers have noted that the vehicle appears to continue to brake briefly when the brake pedal is released. In addition, drivers get used to this phenomenon quickly. It must be said that driving an electric vehicle requires more planning than an ordinary vehicle. Remember to plug in the vehicle at night and make sure you have enough electrical charges for the trips you want to make. It is part of the experience of owning an electric vehicle and for many, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Will owning an electric vehicle affect my insurance premiums?

As with any vehicle, your premiums will depend on many factors and will vary from one insurance company to another. Electric vehicles have just arrived on the market and insurance companies have little data to assess premiums. This explains the often important differences demanded by the different insurers. It is therefore advisable to make comparisons.


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